Cop Out

Rated R 110 min. 2010

Kevin Smith has gotten more attention for not being able to fit in an airplane seat than he has for directing his latest film, Cop Out. Regardless of one’s opinion of Smith, he’s still a bankable director in his little niche of geeky kitsch, but the studio has barely attached his name to any of the film’s promotions. A quick glance at the film’s credits shows us that this is truly a Kevin Smith film in name only. Sure, he’s behind the camera, but Smith has never been the most stylish of directors, and his appeal has always been tied to his writing. So when we get only Smith the director and in turn replace Smith the writer with a couple of TV scribes (Robb and Mark Cullen), dollars to donuts says it’s not going to be pretty. And it’s not. This resurrection of the ’80s buddy-cop flick isn’t savvy enough to be good, and it’s too dull to be actively bad. Instead, it straddles that no man’s land of the regrettably unremarkable. Bruce Willis is Jimmy and Tracy Morgan is Paul, two suspended cops on the trail of an extremely rare and expensive baseball card that was stolen from Jimmy during a robbery. Since this card is Jimmy’s ticket to affording his daughter’s (Michelle Trachtenberg, Eurotrip) wedding, both cops look to hunt it down before it’s too late. Uninteresting complications ensue in the name of mirth. Mostly what we get is recycled Beverly Hills Cop, 48 Hours, and a host of other nearly three-decade-old junk that few were yearning for.

Film Credits

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Director: Kevin Smith

Writer: Robb Cullen and Mark Cullen

Producer: Marc Platt, Polly Cohen Johnsen and Michael Tadross

Cast: Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, Seann William Scott, Adam Brody, Jason Lee and Michelle Trachtenberg

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