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Cory Oberndorfer lectures at Redux

The new artist-in-residence speaks Saturday


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A running theme in Redux’s upcoming Novelty ­— as evident in its Popsicle brand color scheme and parody ­ — is sweets. What’s artist Cory Oberndorfer’s favorite sugary snack? “I grew up coming home to freshly baked cookies every day and I can’t shake that addiction,” he says. “Make me the perfect snickerdoodle and I’m yours.” Oberndorfer will hold a talk about his upcoming exhibit (which opens Wednesday) at the art space on Saturday at 3 p.m.

The artist met Redux’s Executive Director Karen Ann Myers several years ago in Washington, D.C., where the artist is based. “I kept running a remote control Barbie rollergirl into her shins,” he says. “Immaturity opens a lot of doors for me.” She extended the invitation to serve as their 2010 artist-in-residence more than a year ago. He was told he can paint any surface he sees, so he’ll decorate the space with murals, canvas paintings, prints, and collages from The Derby Project, his ode to rollergirls and childhood nostalgia. Roller derby has been particularly inspiring to him. “I saw amazing athletes in miniskirts and skates throwing body checks that would leave me crying,” he says. “I am intrigued by the combination of beauty and power. I think it’s the perfect representation of contemporary feminism and a rich subject matter for me to play with.”


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