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Craigslist Poetry: Gettin' Cheeky

Irresistible pickup lines that arrived a little too late



The cleverest pickup lines come to mind long after they are useful. You are lying in bed after a night out on the town when the muse finally visits with an irresistible quip or compliment that is just too good not to use. So you stumble over to your computer, get on Craigslist, and put it out there for all the world to see.

The following are real entries from the Missed Connections section of Charleston Craigslist, broken into lines and stanzas and minimally edited for clarity:

blond chick in cube - m4w - 23 (logan st)
yo girl
see you drivin that white whip around town.
Blonde hair flowin like swag.

Id love to ghost ride with you sometime

Ashley Plaza CVS - m4m - 48 (West Ashley)
A regular cus-
-tomer who thinks you are hot
with that 3 day beard.

Jack Johnson - w4m - 29 (Isle of Palms, SC)
I met you at a house party on the island.
You were wearing tan Reef shoes
with bottle opener soles.

Your guitar playing reminds me
of Jack Johnson
and I would really like to Jack
your Johnson.

When God made you it was well done
just how you like your burger.

I saw you looking at me
looking at you. If you like me too,
write some lyrics about our encounter.
Until then, my left breast will swell
'cause I'm sure you have enlarged my heart.

Dunkin Donut in GC - m4w - 32 (GC)
Saw you at the DD in the Creek.
You were looking fine
in your purple scrubs
and sexy blue eyes.
I wish i was that donut
you were eating.
I thought i saw you look at me ...

kaminskys guy - m4m - 22 (dwntwn charleston)
You were the slightly drunk really tall guy
who kept pinching my nipples last night,

you had a very sexy australian accent
and you told me your name.

I'm in the airforce.

what was my name and
what did I do to you?

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