Crosby's Fish and Shrimp

Crosby’s Fish and Shrimp and Crosby’s Seafood are two separate businesses with a similar lineage. Steven Crosby started Crosby’s Fish and Shrimp with his brother Captain Horace. Now, the shop belongs to Ellie Berry and Joanie Cooksey, Horace’s daughters. The Folly Crosby’s Fish and Shrimp depends on local fishermen. They have their own shrimp boats and a local offshore fish boat, and they use local crabbers, carry local oysters, and catch local bait. Crosby’s primarily functions as a retail store, and to keep the seafood cases stocked with fresh seafood, they’ll buy certain products you won’t find on the S.C. coast, like salmon and tilapia, from the other Crosby’s Seafood. It all depends on the time of year. Berry and Cooksey also throw parties almost every Friday from 6-10 p.m. on the back dock. The sisters fry up fish and shrimp and, during the cooler months, roast oysters.

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