Cymarshall Law w/ Union of Sacred Monsters, DJ Valis

When: Tue., July 7 2009

Michael Jackson’s body isn’t even in the ground yet, and already there’s a tribute song to the man. Heck, there’s probably scores, but the only one we know about is by rising hip-hopper Cymarshall Law. Born in London but raised in America, Law discovered hip-hop at a young age, but his love for the King of Pop never died. “Me and Michael had the same birthday, so I always felt I could be great like him too. He was a big inspiration on my life. So I made this song. I was full of emotion, and my pen was pretty much moving without me doing any thinking,” Law says in a recent post on his MySpace page about the tribute track. The song in question is “RIP Michael Jackson.” Rapping over a sample of the Four Season’s suddenly popular lost-classic “Beggin’,” Law confesses that “We all used to follow the man / I used to walk around the house with a sock on my hand” — hear hear — and that “Ever since ‘Beat It’ you’ve been my idol.” Now, we have our doubts about whether or not Law will perform this track when he rolls into town this week. The song’s a little too raw and, perhaps, a little too personal. But what you can expect is a rapper on the rise, who waxes on and off about a heckuva lot more than heading to the club and getting his lollipop licked, judging by Law’s latest release Hip Hop in the Soul, a collaboration with producer Mr. Joeker. Oh, and don’t expect any frikkin’ vocoder voice effects. Those things sound like HAL 2000 getting a hummer from R2D2.

Chris Haire

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