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Photos: Dance-offs and bowling alley fashion north of Crosstown

Uptown Girls


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As many times as we've watched You Got Served on cable television, we still weren't quite prepared for the spectacular showdown that took place at Dancefx's block party on Friday. Soon after arriving at the studio's parking lot on Rutledge Avenue, we saw a crowd circled around dancers who were executing their best moves while throwing light-hearted sneers at each other. It was a dance-off! We're not sure who won, but it was fun to watch. During the course of the evening, several dance troupes performed in disciplines ranging from modern jazz to solo hula-hooping.

Between performances, the DJ played some creative dubstep remixes, allowing a chance for the more daring onlookers to get in on the act. We saw three-finger push-ups and pint-sized dancers busting some moves that we'll never be able to recreate as adults. Diggity Doughnuts and Hello My Name is BBQ were in attendance for those who worked up an appetite dancing, and Mellow Mushroom showed up to announce their new delivery system above the Crosstown. The evening ended with the African dance and drumming group Wo'se leading the audience in a synchronized dance. Everyone in the crowd shuffed along to the beat, including the awkward dads and the lawn chair set.

We decided to stay uptown on Saturday night for Fashion Alley, a benefit for Girls Rock Charleston held at the Charleston Rifle Club. A bowling alley is the last place we'd think of to host a fashion show, but it turned out to be an ideal venue for the kitschy vintage show. Local vendors like Alice & Daisy Vintage and Candy Shop Vintage set up tables in the lobby to entice the well-heeled crowd to stock up on a few new additions to their closets. After browsing, we were greeted with champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries from JLane Confections at the bowling consoles-turned-VIP tables. Waitresses dressed as pin-up girls floated through the crowd taking drink orders, while guests sampled beer from Frothy Beard Brewery.

The fashion show was delayed due to a medical emergency, but the crowd seemed more than obliged to wait patiently at the bar or outside watching the sun set over the Ashley River. Once the show started, one of the bowling lanes was turned into a runway for the models to saunter down before posing and heading back to the pins. Models with extravagant bouffants from Strawberry Blonde Salon looked like they were straight out of our grandparents' old photos. Jamie Lin Snider took the theme to a new level when she bowed to the audience in a pair of Jeremy Scott/Adidas bowling wedges. After the show, the lanes were open for strikes and spins, but since we only throw gutter balls, we used this time to take a second look at the vintage for sale in the lobby.


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