Dish Dining Guide - Summer 2015

It was the fall of 2013. I was new to Charleston, working as a server at Cru Cafe, when the catering division recruited me for an easy evening art walk event. The hour-and-a-half of work was nothing compared to what longtime catering servers put in — read all about a gig-to-gig vet in "Wedding Slinger," — and I only glimpsed then what the highly skilled catering kitchen was capable of (I mean, just look at our cover). An oft forsaken facet of Charleston's food and drink industry, catering has grown with the city, now serving thousands of faces from here and afar every year for weddings, corporate events, and nonprofit fetes. Think you know what all that entails? Think again. Learn all about the city's unsung, tireless industry pros here, then be sure to call them up next time you're planning a shindig. —Mary Scott Hardaway