Dish Dining Guide - Summer 2018

For me, it’s EVO’s pistachio pesto. Even before I moved to Park Circle, a few dances with it years before put it on a special shelf in my mind. The ultimately smooth, warm, salty, and surprising pie is my favorite in Charleston. Weird thing is, I haven’t eaten one in a while. There’s just so much other good pizza in Charleston to try these days. Even at EVO, I gravitate to specials and trying whatever’s new. I’ve ventured into unique, earnest newcomers like Uneeda Sicilian, its trendy neighbor Renzo, and hopped into Uptown Social for a Falco before the Day Rager crowd arrived. Whether you always go for a plain slice at your neighborhood spot or you stalk Dough Boyz and Short Grain when they collab (see you there), this new Dish Dining Guide has a pie for you. —Sam Spence