The question I get asked the most when I tell people I run City Paper’s Cuisine section is, "So do you get to eat out at fancy restaurants all the time?" My answer: Hell no. Sure, I'll save up for the occasional birthday splurge at Charleston Grill, but no one is paying for that but myself. The truth is, I'm a journalist, which is to say, I'm a card carrying baller on a budget and I'm looking at menu prices just as much as the next guy. Of course, living in Charleston, that can be a full-time job. As the world’s obsession with our city and its eats has grown so have the price tags for said food, and finding a hearty meal for under $10 has gotten harder and harder. That’s why, for this Cheap Eats issue, we put our team to work on finding the very best bites for less. Real food, made with fresh local ingredients that won’t be a burden on your pocketbook. They’re out there. I promise. —Kinsey Gidick