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DIY De-lite: Getting crafty at the Holy City Craft Bazaar

The Scene



Last Saturday, rather than follow the yellow brick road, I followed the pink paper arrows attached to the brick exterior of the Read Brothers Building on the corner of King and Spring streets. Rounding the corner on Spring, I came across a happy carnival of arts, crafts, and food — how bazaar! The Holy City Craft Bazaar was like a real-life version of the popular DIY website, with handmade crafts ranging from remastered vintage clothing to handcrafted jello shots (!!) to candles that looked like sushi. YUM! Munchkins frolicked in the grass and rummaged through the unique wares piled on the tables, toppling over the mountain of stuffed toys. Money raised went toward the Yo Art Project. Sitting in the grass, picking through random bike parts, and trying not to gobble up the waxy sushi, it was clear we weren’t in Kansas anymore.

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