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Docs and other dudes commit to getting furry

A Fun No Razor Fund-raiser



A lot of clean-shaven fellas (and ladies) packed the Bus Shed Saturday night for MUSC's Beards for Babies kick-off party. The fund-raiser, which will benefit MUSC Children's Hospital, has male residents at MUSC, and any other willing men in the community, growing out their whiskers for the month of February. Participants were to show up Saturday with a clean slate, so to speak, and their progress will be charted over the course of the month. We're guessing February is going to get pretty hairy over at MUSC. The "Bandit Bash," as it was called, featured some ho-down-happy decorations, barbecue and all the fixins, and music from a very chilly-looking (and bandana-wearing) Plane Jane. Most of the men — lacking the protective layer of facial hair, perhaps? — huddled close to the heaters, while the ladies dominated the dancefloor. So far the campaign has raised over $12,000 for the Children's Hospital at MUSC. To donate, go to

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