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Dr. Cleangreen, LLC, is the parent company for Dr. Cleangreen's Handy Essentials, an all-natural, USDA-certified organic hand purifier. Formulated by a husband and a wife pair of physicians, Dr. Cleangreen's Handy Essentials provides a safe, healthy, and effective way to keep hands clean. After extensive research involving the innate anti-bacterial properties of essential oils, Dr. Cleangreen's Handy Essentials has been formulated to contain minimal alcohol content and maximal essential oil content: the secret to delivering safe, effective cleaning while keeping hands moisturized and smelling great. Dr. Cleangreen's Handy Essentials is manufactured at Royal Labs on Johns Island, using USDA-certified organic ingredients. It has undergone rigorous testing by an independent lab (Gibraltar Labs) to ensure its effectiveness against disease-causing germs. The company is proud to report that Dr. Cleangreen's Handy Essentials killed Influenza A, MRSA, and many other organisms within the standard testing parameter of 15 seconds.

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