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Eating pizza for nonprofits

Mellow Mushroom will donate a portion of checks



As if anyone needs a good excuse to eat pizza, the Downtown Mellow Mushroom will hold a fundraiser from April 12-18. Fifteen percent of every check will get donated to a local nonprofit charity. Anyone who goes in to grab a pie or a few drinks can tell their server or bartender which organization they want their portion to go to. Organizations can range from animal rescues to the MUSC Children’s Fund. If the money raised for an individual charity hits $500, the amount donated from each check goes up to 20 percent.

Jonah Jeter, public relations representative for Mellow Mushroom, says, “We are doing it almost as a competition to see who will raise the most amount of money." At the end of the week, Mellow Mushroom will donate extra $250 to the organization that raised the most money. “Mellow believes in helping out and supporting local nonprofits,” Jeter says. “The more we can help Charleston, the better for everyone.”

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