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A new paint company has been launched in Charleston, Eco Deco. Founded by an engineer working in air pollution control, Eco Deco provides an environmentally-friendly product for Charleston’s homes. In an effort to bring more eco-friendly, high quality, affordable paint products to the United States, Eco Deco LLC reached out to Reca, a French paint company with high standards and a reputation for excellence and formed a partnership. Founded in 1985, Reca has been a leading European supplier of a full line of paint products for consumers, interior designers, architects, contractors, builders, wholesalers, and major companies like Airbus. Eco Deco’s paints have proven durability and color fidelity. While many paint companies call their products green, there is no universal standard qualifying them in the United States. All of Eco-Deco’s paints meet the European Union’s (E.U.) official demanding Eco-Label certification for sustainable products. Eco Deco’s paints are specifically designed using the latest technology and manufacturing process to protect people AND our planet. All of their products are high performance soybean-based and acrylic-based products. Soybean-based paints have a very low V.O.C level*, do not contain any petroleum-based chemicals and are perfect for interior projects. Acrylic-based paints have no V.O.C and can be used for both interior and exterior home projects. Eco Deco is dedicated to selling paint that is safe for our children, our homes and our planet. Visit to learn more about this local, family-owned company.


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