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Election night party-hoppin'

Yes We Can!



There was a different smell in the air on Tuesday night. You could almost breathe in the promise of change, as a sense of excitement vibrated through the streets of downtown Charleston. Our first destination was Fish, where a subdued crowd made worldly conversation over drinks as the broadcast of election returns played in the background. Some watched intently at the bar throwing back scotch on the rocks, while others hung around tables convivially chatting. Walking south on King Street, people were shouting Obama's name out of their apartment windows. Even the guys hustling Palmetto roses had I Voted stickers on their faces. We made it to Yo Burrito, party headquarters of the College of Charleston Political Science Club, right before they announced the winner. Anticipation mounted as astute (and slightly sauced) college cats counted down until the polls closed and exploded in joy when Obama's name appeared on Yo Bo's giant projection screen. The outburst of fervor quickly subsided though. Didn't we all know he was going to win anyway? —Alison Sher

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