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General Election Round-Up

Who's running, where to learn more



On November 6, the nation heads to the polls to choose our next president. Choose wisely. But maybe even more important for your everyday life, local elections will also be held on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November, and you should know who to look for when you step into the booth. Well look no further, we've got the info you need. Again, choose wisely.

NOTE:Be sure to read our school board election guide for more info on the school board race.

First thing's first: Check your voter registration status

State House elections
State Senate elections
Local elections

State House Elections

The incumbent in State House Districts 94, 98, 99, 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 116, 117, and 119 is running unopposed. Visit for more information on who's representing you.

House District 108
Stephen Goldfinch, Jr. - R (Vacant seat, Unopposed)

House District 114
Peter McCoy - R (Incumbent)
Carol Tempel - Petition candidate

House District 115
Bobby Harrell - R (Incumbent)
Larry Carter Center - Green
John Steinberger - Petition candidate

State Senate Elections

The incumbent in State Senate Districts 34, 37, 38, 42, and 43 is running unopposed. Visit for more information on who's representing you.

House District 41 (Vacant seat)
Paul Thurmond - R
Paul Tinkler - D

House District 45
Leilani Bessinger - R
Clementa Pinckney - D (Incumbent)

Local Elections

Al Cannon - Republican (Incumbent, unopposed)

Clerk of Court
Julie Armstrong - R (Incumbent, unopposed)

Rae Wooten - R (Incumbent, unopposed)

Paul Gawrych - R
Peter Tecklenburg - Democrat

Andrew Smith (Incumbent, unopposed)

County Council District 3 (North Charleston, parts of eastern peninsula and Mt. P)
Elliott Summey - R (Incumbent, unopposed)

County Council District 4 (North Charleston, Portions of eastern peninsula)
Henry Darby - D (Incumbent, unopposed)

County Council District 6 (West Ashley near Bees Ferry)
Vic Rawl - D (Incumbent)
Carolyn Hughes - Petition candidate

County Council District 7 (Parts of West Ashley)
Colleen Condon - D (Incumbent, unopposed)

Soil and Water District Commission
Mickey Floyd - Nonpartisan

School Board - North Charleston (Non-partisan, choose two)
Mattese Miller Lecque
Tom Ducker
Chris Collins - (Incumbent)

School Board - West Ashley (Non-partisan, choose two)
John Barter
Henry Copeland
Michael Miller
Jim Ramich
Brian Thomas
Chris Fraser (Incumbent)

James Island Public Service District (Non-partisan, choose three)
Carter McMillan (Incumbent)
Alicia Owens
Eugene Platt (Incumbent)
June Waring (Incumbent)

St. Andrews Public Service District (Non-partisan)
Christopher Perot (unopposed)

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