Escape from Planet Earth

Rated PG 89 min. 2013

I’ve been tempted to cut Escape from Planet Earth some slack. After all, it’s mostly harmless and looks nice enough. Unfortunately, there comes a time when a movie becomes so top heavy with mediocrity, that it topples ass-backward into awfulness. What we have is an animated movie so aggressively middlebrow and pointless that it can be called nothing other than bad. This should come as no surprise when you look at what the film is working with. You’ve got a firmly B- and C-list cast of voice talent and a script that leans heavily on listless slapstick, a combination of direction and animation that lacks any comedic timing, and the occasional cheesy, lazy pop culture reference. The film’s plot is almost workable, but its postmodern take on UFOs is a bit too much of a reverse take on the equally dreadful Planet 51. Nevertheless, there’s Gary (voiced by Rob Corddry) and Scorch Supernova (Brendan Fraser), two blue-skinned alien brothers who work as intergalactic adventurers. Scorch is the dim-witted gloryhound out for fame, while Gary is the reluctant, nebbish brains of the operation, who helps out at home from mission control. Scorch brashly heads off to explore Earth, a seemingly dangerous world from which no alien has ever returned. He’s soon captured, so nerdy Gary decides to mount a rescue mission. On Earth, we find out an Army general (William Shatner) is kidnapping aliens and forcing them to invent hi-tech consumer goods. Low wattage action ensues.

Film Credits

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Director: Callan Brunker

Writer: Callan Brunker and Bob Barlen

Producer: Donna Gigliotti, Catherine Winder and Luke Carroll

Cast: Brendan Fraser, Rob Corddry, Ricky Gervais, Jonathan Morgan Heit, Jessica Alba, Sofia Vergara, Paul Scheer, Jayson Simpson, Sarah Jessica Parker and Doug Abrahams


Escape from Planet Earth

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