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Even during finals, CofC students know how to party

Library Rave



The Adderall zombies and caffeine-cranked undergrads came out of their finals-induced comas on Thursday night at the College of Charleston's Addlestone Library to pull off a flash rave. Exhausted students harnessed their last ounces of natural energy as they waited outside of the library at 10:30 p.m., gaining momentum in an impromptu pep rally and awaiting the scheduled 11 p.m. start time. As the clock struck eleven, over 1,000 of CofC's finest stormed the entrances and began dancing, swinging, and even crowd surfing in the rotunda as the usually silent building was filled with club music and techno classics. The rave took place on all three levels, and those who missed out have been reliving it via YouTube, where a bunch of videos have appeared. Watch out you big, rowdy state universities — CofC's after your party school status.

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