Special Issues » 2010 Charleston Comedy Festival

Festival Finale

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As Saturday night's 14 shows wind up, the stage at Theatre 99 blows up with a two-hour-plus comedy extravaganza. The only given? That Brandy Sullivan and Greg Tavares, co-founders of Theatre 99 and co-producers of the Charleston Comedy Festival, will be punch drunk after four nights of nonstop action. For the finale, they and fellow Have Not! Timmy Finch invite every Comedy Fest performer who can to stop by T99 and take a slot in the finale.

You can expect stand up comedians to perform bits from their shows. You'll probably see a skit or two from some of the sketch comedy troupes. There will most definitely be plenty of groups mixing it up in a final improv free-for-all. And after all is said and done, you can probably catch a glimpse of Brandy and Greg laughing at how the show has miraculously come together for yet another memorable year.

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