Fili-West Farms

2009, and things continue to grow on their small plot of land in Vance. With inspiration from Joel Salatin’s books You Can Farm and Pastured Poultry Profits, the couple began rearing chickens in humane and unconventional ways a few years ago. Their Cornish Cross broiler chickens have a 33 percent longer growth period than conventionally farmed (i.e., “factory farmed”) chickens. The birds are fed a non-medicated, animal by-product-free feed which is fortified with Apex, a prebiotic vegetable extract containing horseradish, juniper, garlic, and aniseed. They relocate their floorless portable field shelters to a fresh patch of grass each day. They sell all their products, including pet food, sausages, turkeys, eggs, chickens, and chicken pieces at the Mt. Pleasant, Sunday Brunch, and Bluffton farmers markets. If you’re interested in learning more or lending a hand, check out Fili-West’s website or Facebook for information on tours and volunteer opportunities.

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