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Firefly lacking at Firefly tasting room launch party

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Saturday Firefly vodka fans made the trek out to Wadmalaw Island for the launch of the vineyard’s distillery and tasting room. Sadly, the event left true Firefly aficionados a little thirsty. Guests were allowed into the tasting room only once, where they sat down at a picnic table and sipped (or shot) tiny samples of three of the distillery’s varieties: the Peach Tea Vodka, the warm Java Rum, and the brand new, super-tart Lemonade Vodka.

After exiting the tasting room, the choices were limited to beer or Irvin~House Vineyard’s muscadine wine — Firefly was not for sale at the Firefly launch party. We know from experience that the popular drink can be deceptively strong, but we think we could have handled the responsibility.

Good thing the day was almost painfully picturesque — a fallish breeze rustled through the vines and the live oaks, folks spread out on blankets and chairs around the lawn, and Sol Driven Train provided a good soundtrack for the laid-back event. Cru Cafe whipped up some delicious Philly cheese steaks, while Mellow Mushroom and Blackjack Barbecue prepared their food on-site as well — Mellow even brought their portable ovens.

Sure, a glass of the signature Sweet Tea Vodka would have made the day damn-near perfect, but it was still a pretty lovely way to spend an October afternoon.


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