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Flowertown Fest fun for tourists and Summervillians alike

Spring in Bloom



As if the crowds from the Bridge Run weren't enough to satisfy our thirst for swarms of humanity this weekend, the 37th Annual Flowertown Festival brought another couple hundred thousand people to the Lowcountry for the three-day event in downtown Summerville. Azalea bushes and wisteria were in full bloom, giving the air a sweet, pungent aroma that was only complemented by the tempting food for sale in the Taste of Summerville section of the event. In addition to an assortment of tchotchkes, local artists had their best work available for sale. Other, more local, traditions undoubtedly occurred as they do every year. As the sun starts to set, and the tourists vacate the little town under the pines, the locals venture to a bar featuring a shag band, or an historic house in a quaint neighborhood for a block party. Teeny-boppers steal the family golf cart and make plans to meet the opposite sex for a little flirting, while teens a few years older sneak some booze in the bushes under romantic shadow moss hanging from giant live oaks. Parents are distracted with bourbon, mint juleps, and good company. Yes, there is something for everyone at Flowertown Festival, and all are happy that the yearly event indicates summer is just around the corner.

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