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Folly Beach is so gay

Sixth Annual Big Gay Beach Day drew a big crowd Sunday



We were told there would be plenty of signs pointing us in the correct direction of Big Gay Beach Day, just past the Washout on Folly Beach Sunday. So I ambled my car up that way and looked for a sign, any sign. And then I saw it: huge flags lined up from street to beach, each flag its own color of the rainbow. We had arrived.

Stepping onto the beach, I was immediately cozy and calm. The sand was scattered with a couple of tents, many umbrellas, and several big groups of beachers. Under one tent, I found several members of CHAMP (CHarleston Area MPowerment Project) lounging with friends. Closer to the ocean, big games of beach volleyball continued throughout the day. My friends and I wistfully watched four girls in bikinis hurl a football back and forth, with sick spirals.

Really, Big Gay Beach Day was quite tame. I was a bit bummed that the DJ never showed, but was entertained watching three tug-o-war games that ended swiftly when the rope snapped in half each time. (I don't dare presume to state who won. But I will say the girls' side was demanding a rematch when I tiptoed away.) The stand-out event of the day was definitely the slip-n-slide. A man in tight shorts paraded around literally lubing participants up with I.D. Glide - priceless. It's no wonder the sliders were wiping out at the water's edge. Sand burn is no fun.

There were a few speedo cameos (one in tie-dye), and one fabulous man with a belly button ring. The late afternoon saw some chicken fights in the deep end and quite a turn-out. All in all, it was really just a pleasant beach day with less of the frattiness. The overall vibe was that everyone there was tight like family — quite refreshing.

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