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Food + Sex founder wants to make you lunch

Scoop Studios hosts bean-tiful lunch Friday



Everyone's buzzing about the Food + Sex magazine launch, set to make a stop at the Marion Square Farmers Market this weekend on its promotional tour. But some people may not know that the magazine's founder, Charleston expatriate Mark Gravel, is also taking time to host the Spotted Rooster’s “Bean-In” event at Scoop Studios.

Gravel is preparing gallo pinto, which is Spanish for “spotted rooster,” and mulato gelato and will be serving it Fri., Sept. 18 from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. for $3. The event is intended to raise awareness about the importance of beans and their ability to replace meat as a protein. Similar events have been held around San Francisco and Winston-Salem, but are also inspired by Charleston’s own Guerrilla Cuisine. Call (843) 577-3295 for additional details, or just stop by the gallery Friday for a protein-rich lunch.

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