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Fowler’s Mustache w/ Sarah Cole and the Hawkes

When: Fri., June 8 2012

When describing a local band, it’s easy to simply tag them with a three-or-four-word phrase or a short sentence. When it comes to Fowler’s Mustache — acoustic guitarist/singer Matt Stanley, bassist Chris Richter, drummer John Tankersley, and guitarists Thomas McElwee and Nick Collins — we often describe the sound as “groovy guitar rock, funk, reggae, and original weirdness.” But McElwee disagrees. “I’ll call it ‘island-funk, blues-punk, folked-out surprise party music,’” he says. “I still see us as a young growing band, but when you take a step back and really look, we have come a long way.” Three years ago, when Fowler’s Mustache starting playing around town, things on stage were a little loose. They were a rookie band with raw chops, but over the years, everything has tightened up nicely. They now come off as more professional, proficient, and confident. “I think that maturity has just been something that comes naturally with all the experiences we’ve had together, both on and off the stage,” says Richter. “We’ve all been friends for years, we’ve really been able to learn a lot about who each of us are as musicians. Knowing more about each other’s approach and tendencies helps to make the communication and collaboration that much smoother.” The band has a forthcoming studio album due later in the summer. Check them out on the IOP with bluesy openers Sarah Cole and the Hawkes. See a full Q&A with the band here.

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