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So Funny, It Hurts: FUCT laughs in the face of self-inflicted pain



Fri. Jan. 16, 7:30
Sat. Jan. 17, 9:30 p.m.
Theatre 99

Humiliating punishments are visited nightly on members of New York City-based FUCT. A sampling: "The BB" (a bowling ball-sized sphere dropped onto a prostrate comic), "The Rat" (adhesive strip yanked with depilatory violence), "The Nun" (a God-fearing ruler smacked on the knuckles), and the dreaded "Heartstopper" (too painful to think about — it involves surgical tubing). And all this, it turns out, is just the audience warm up. When the comics describe their act as "sketch comedy so funny, it hurts," they're not kidding.

With satirical sketches, musical numbers, monologues, and even dance routines (a favorite is the "Pee-Pee Dance" set to the "Waltz of the Flowers" from The Nutcracker Suite), FUCT carries on its founding tradition.

"You're not just seeing a show," Galan says. "You're coming to a party."

FUCT's party began in 2002 when a group of Fordham University students staged underground comedy shows that combined theatrical comedy with no-holds-barred audience interaction. Later, the troupe established itself on the New York City comedy scene, adding a live band and working up an ongoing series of fresh shows.

Galan insists FUCT takes a strictly disciplined approach to creating mayhem. They gather weekly to work on material. Each member is required to bring a new sketch idea. So you can expect these festival veterans, bruised and smiling, to pack a lot of their characteristic energy and feverish invention into their hour-long show. "Nothing," Galan reports, "is out of bounds."

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