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Go for Launch prepares for takeoff

T-Minus four...



Chaz Straney has always wanted to go up to a microphone and say, "We are Go for Launch." He has suggested the name to every band he's been in, but the drummer says, "I'd always hear, 'No, that's stupid. People will think you're saying 'Gopher Launch,' like the rodent."

While the image of gophers flying through the air is hilarious, that's not exactly what this "surfy punk rock" band is going for. Neither is Go for Lunch, another common misnomer. In fact, the guys are mainly concerned with having fun.

"We'd love to have more fans and recognition," says Straney. "But really we're just a group of the nicest musicians, with no ego problems. We've got something cool going."

That "something cool" will be on display at the Tin Roof, their main haunt. With singer/guitarists Jim Faust and Will Cox, bassist Scott Dence, keyboardist Stefan Rogenmoser, and Straney, the band plays a high-energy show — the nexus of '60s psych-pop and slap-you-in-the-face punk.

"We like short songs with good hooks and melodies, none of those extended solos," says Cox. "But just because they're short, we don't do less. We just like to pack it all in a small space."

Having recently recorded some home demos, the guys definitely have an eye to the future. "I've been thinking about how we would sound on a record," says Straney. "Because when we play live, it's loud and fast, and no one wants to hear the same thing live and on the record."

With influences ranging from Herb Alpert and Paul Simon to the Minutemen and Mission to Burma, the bandmates are aware of their niche.

"We don't think about it like that," says Cox. "We didn't check what's popular and then try to do that. We're doing this for us, and we think it's cool and we want to share it."

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