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Good vibes from bad behavior on Avenue Q

Thumbs up from the theater queens


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The City Paper sent its theater queens out to see the touring production of Avenue Q. And, no, the "Q" does not stand for queens, it's just the 17th letter in the alphabet and that's how unimaginative cities name their streets. There's another show tonight at 7:30 at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center.

Greg: Avenue Q ...

Shane: Brought to you by the letter "A" for awesome.

Greg: It went a lot further with the adult humor than I thought it would. And that's a good thing.

Shane: I thought it would just be funny, quirky puppets doing Sesame Street stuff — counting cookies or singing about bath time. It takes a lot to shock me, but there were a couple of gasp moments.

Greg: Nothing that we'd want to give away, but I'll say that there are some things only a puppet — and maybe Cher — are allowed to say in mixed company.

Shane: Trekkie Monster was my favorite puppet.

Greg: Like the Cookie Monster, he was absolutely the comic relief.

Shane: And his song, "The Internet Is for Porn" was hilarious.

Greg: But what really sold it was actor Jason Heymann. His performance went far beyond the hand up the puppet's backside. He was acting with his entire body and it made it much funnier.

Shane: The same goes for Jacqueline Grabois as Kate Monster and Lucy. And we're missing one of my favorite characters: Christmas Eve (played by Lisa Helmi Johanson). I loved everything about her.

Greg: She was a human character, like Mr. Hooper or Linda on Sesame Street.

Shane: I think of her more as a plucked Big Bird.

Greg: Anyway, it's hard for an actor to upstage puppets.

Shane: Favorite songs?

Greg: "If You Were Gay." Again, it is played up by Heymann's talent (this time, as Nicky). Oh, and "My Girlfriend Who Lives in Canada." It certainly proved the value of hiring a babysitter for the night.

Shane: NOT a kids show. This may be sick and demented of me, but I wish that someone would have mistakenly brought their children.

Greg: That's not sick and demented; it's schadenfreude. And I learned that word on Avenue Q. Take that, Sesame Street!


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