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Hottie Search

The new ABC reality show Great American Beauty is searching for gorgeous men and women between the ages of 18 and 30 to participate in a competition to find the most beautiful person in America. So, if you've got striking facial features, long legs, and a six-pack, the casting call will take place at 11 a.m. on July 26 at Mad River Bar and Grill. Participants will have the opportunity to win a hefty cash prize as well as become a reality television star. For more information, contact —Caitlin Baker

Dude, Where's My 3-d?

Journey to the Center of the Earth is poised to be the largest 3-D film release in history, according to The Hollywood Reporter. But Warner Bros. distribution fears the expansion of 3-D is moving at a snail's pace. Since Beowulf, which aired on 660 3-D screens, only 204 more screens have been installed. Considering that 3-D is the future of movie-going, this fact does not sit well with the head honchos at Warner Bros. Journey will still play on approximately 950 screens, including Regal Azalea Square Stadium 16 in Summerville, but that number is drastically lower than what was originally expected. —Caitlin Baker

When Kings Drop Their Pants

A performance of King Lear by Ian McKellen, 69, caught the attention of Paula Kerger, PBS president and CEO, who scheduled it for broadcast this season. The only problem is whether the Federal Communications Commission will penalize PBS for allowing McKellen's character to shed his clothing along with his sanity. Kerger says she will consider FCC regulations before deciding whether to show the play. —Caitlin Baker

"Green" Video Games

Everything is going green, including video games. The Sims series of video games is adding a new branch to its family tree, Sim Animals: Reach Out and Touch the World. The objective is to allow more creative design for players. Gamers will be able to acquire seeds, plant trees, and irrigate them all. Sim Animals is a forest-friendly world for cozy, furry animals. The game is set to release in January 2009 for Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS Lite. Sims studio head Rob Humble promises that the game will lack conventional elements. The game will have both mischievous rascals as well as soft creatures. —Caitlin Baker

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