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Happy Hour at High Cotton, Barbecue Pilgrimage, Liquored Up, Four Stars and Moons

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If you go to High Cotton to grab a drink and some snacks for happy hour, you'll notice a little something extra on their bar menu. The folks at Maverick Southern Kitchens have added a daily charcuterie and cheese plate, as well as two to three daily rotating specials, exclusively on weekdays from 4-7 p.m. During the new "happy" hours, all items on the bar menu (not to mention wine by the glass and draft beers) are $2 off. They may have re-vamped their selection of small plates, but you can still find delicious, familiar favorites like tuna tartare-stuffed avocado with mango and buttermilk-fried oysters. —Alison Sher


Some people go on pilgrimages to the spot where Muhammed ascended to heaven or to the Bodhi Tree. Bloggers Chris Koski and Josh Nickerson are looking for enlightenment by eating the best barbecue around the country. Where better to have a pulled pork butt spiritual awakening than the Holy City? Nickerson and Koski made their way to Charleston last week and stopped at Melvin's. The two barbecue gurus weren't very impressed, according to a post on their blog. They said the sauce was too sweet. We wish they had stopped somewhere else, like JB's Smokeshack or Moneyhun's, so they could have tried some other options. Read about their adventures at —Alison Sher


Some restaurants around town just got liquor licenses. Iacofano's Italian Restaurant in Mt. P. is now offering full bar service and some killer drink specials. $3 Firefly and $4 Grand Ma's anyone? The Trusted Palate will soon be able to serve hard alcohol along with their giant glasses of high gravity beers and wine. We also hear the Trusted Palate has brought in a new chef to completely change their menu, so we're looking forward to that too, as we stumble home after (hic) one too many. —Alison Sher


Four Moons, the new upscale Orangeburg restaurant specializing in contemporary American cuisine, has already been selected for a Wine Spectator award of excellence for having a great selection of inexpensive wine. It opened on June 26 in a community that has long lacked fine dining options. With cascading, purple lit water-walls and a Cypress-esque wine bar, it is a trendy spot that you would expect to find in New York or Chicago, not sleepy ol' Orangeburg. —Alison Sher

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