Harrison Ray w/ With Clint4

When: Sat., July 12 2014

chair gaze show/ seated music extravaganza, melodies from haunted hollows, waves of mellow mysticism, 8 p.m.

Harrison Ray lives two hours outside of Charleston in an old farmhouse. There, he paints pictures, carves magic canes, pulls weeds, and repairs faucets. He also plays music. But oddly enough, he can’t say he has ever sat down with the sole purpose of writing a song. “As ridiculous as it sounds, it just happens,” he says. Ray is strtongly influenced by Spanish music, which may be why he plays classical guitar most of the time. Beyond his music, however, Ray is an existential poet, as is evidenced by his Facebook bio: “The mushroom in the cowshit, the plant in the pavement, the spaceship in the barn, the fox in hen house, the Buddha of 432.” For Ray, self-expression and discovery are all part of his musical makeup. “It’s my reason for consuming resources. I was born into it,” he says. Ray has been playing solo for over four years with occasional help from various as-needed bandmates. Ray’s latest disc Speaking Through Blankets will be released in a few months. After that, Ray says he might retire and paint armadillos. —Kalyn Oyer

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