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Henry's serves up Cru

A marriage made on the Market


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Henry's on the Market has not only undergone a drastic remodel inside and out with the only double-tiered rooftop deck on the Market, but now they're revamping their food offerings by teaming up with John Zucker's beloved Cru Café.

Zuck and his team came up with items that fit Henry's bar food style and will also start the transition from bar to restaurant.

Bar snacks include crabcakes, mussels, and bourbon pimento cheese on garlic crostini. For the girls and metrosexuals out there, they've got a handful of salads, including Cru's famous Caesar to which you can add fried tilapia, smoked turkey, or crunchy shrimp.

The burger menu lets you stack your patties (choice of beef, chicken, crabcake, black bean cake, or crunchy shrimp) up to three high! Top it with foie gras, goat cheese, ham, fried egg, cheese, bacon, and you've got yourself a gourmet burger that's definitely worth checking out. It'll cost you, but a triple-decker Angus beef foie gras burger sounds like it'd be worth $20 to us.

Pita melts and tacos round out the offerings. General Manager Rick Maupin hopes to see entrees on the menu in the future.

They're serving dinner throughout the week and lunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

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