Hobo With a Shotgun

Rated NR 86 min. 2011

As a winner of an international fake-trailer contest to promote the release of Grindhouse, Jason Eisener’s sleazy, depraved entry emboldened him to make a full-length feature. The film, like most movies of the grindhouse era, plays out the same way as the fake trailer it’s based on: it’s reprehensible, vile, and obnoxious. In Hobo With a Shotgun, the plot is no-nonsense: Rutger Hauer is the new hobo in Hope Town (a.k.a. Scum Town). Shortly after witnessing a horrific crime in which a man is decapitated by two hoods, the hobo launches a one-man war against lawbreakers and evildoers. What follows is a series of scenes that are so sick and depraved that they would make Larry Flynt puke. I won’t spoil them all, but I will tell you this: arms are broken, coke is snorted, blood goes flying, and entrails are used by our hero to camouflage his body. And most disturbing of all, the hobo delivers an uplifting monologue about crack and hoes to a hospital nursery of infants. However, what’s most interesting about this film is that, unlike typical exploitation flicks, Hobo With a Shotgun’s rotten core is covered by a clear display of skill by Eisener. The beautiful Technicolor lighting, cinema verite camera movements, and set design deftly create a nightmarish cartoon world for its moral heroes and abhorrent villains to inhabit. While the rest of the cast attacks their scenes with skill, Rutger Hauer anchors the whole mess. Hobo With a Shotgun is a hideous film with a gross over-reliance on obnoxious expletives, reprehensible characters, and vile bloodbaths. I loved every grody second of it.

Film Credits

Official Site: www.hobowithashotgun.com

Director: Jason Eisener

Writer: John Davies and Jason Eisener

Cast: Rutger Hauer, Gregory Smith, Robb Wells, Brian Downey, Jeremy Akerman, Nick Bateman, Molly Dunsworth, Mark A. Owen, Michael Ray Fox and David Brunt


Hobo With a Shotgun

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