Rated PG 90 min. 2011

Two things kept Tim Hill’s Hop from ranking as one of the most torturous movie experiences of the year thus far. The first came when a small child had to be taken from the theater screaming (I understood his or her pain). The second came near the end when a boy of about nine in the theater blurted out, “I wanted the rabbit to die!” The plot involves the intertwined destinies of E.B (voiced by Russell Brand), the hare-apparent to the Easter Bunny mantle, and Fred O’Hare (James “When You Can’t Get James Franco” Marsden), a barely youngish man who had a close encounter of the rodent kind with the Easter Bunny that apparently marked him for life. Even allowing for the difference between movie age and real age, there’s something really creepy about the 37-year-old Marsden playing a guy who’s still living with his parents, has no job, no friends, no girlfriend or boyfriend (he’s apparently sexless), and no interests apart from his Easter Bunny fixation. Naturally, their paths will cross when E.B. ditches everything to try to make it as a rock ‘n’ roll drummer in Hollywood, and, of course, messing up Fred’s life in the process. Look, I doubt you care any more than I do about how this plays out. Let’s merely note that E.B. defecates jelly beans and David Hasselhoff makes a way too extended appearance. Is more information really necessary?

Film Credits

Official Site: www.iwantcandy.com

Director: Tim Hill

Writer: Ken Daurio/Brian Lynch

Producer: John Cohen and Christopher Meledandri

Cast: Russell Brand, Kaley Cuoco, James Marsden, Elizabeth Perkins, Chelsea Handler, Tiffany Espensen, Veronica Alicino, Tucker Albrizzi, Robbie Tucker and Nick Drago



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