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Hot pink hearts and Redux love

Redux celebrates its all-important members



Wednesday evening Redux Contemporary Art Center hosted its seventh annual membership celebration, one of the most enjoyable sangria-infused DIY events Charleston has seen in awhile. Upon arrival, floodlights illuminated Redux’s facade, where the crowd collaborated on painting an enormous pencil designed by Fuzzco artist Mason Greenewald. Guests were invited to screen print just about anything they could lay flat (mostly T-shirts) reading “I <3 Redux” in two different designs. The screen printing instructors were a mix of volunteers and artists-in-residence (one of the many reasons that yes, we heart Redux). For a refreshing change of pace, the music of the evening was provided by Tom Leonczyk and John Heinsohn of Weigh Station. For those who came with open wallets, the membership table was stocked with the pretty faces of Redux volunteers selling brand-new, limited-edition Redux T-shirts designed by local artists Helen Rice, Luke Vehorn, Karin Olah, Nathan Durfee, and Tim Hussey. Hot pink hearts and delicious beer aside, the atmosphere left us giddy with Redux love.

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