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Hungover? These foods will fix that real quick

I need grease! Stat!



You really tied one on last night. And right now, you're feeling more than a little bit wobbly. Your body's shaking like the San Andreas Fault, and your mouth is as dry as Death Valley. You need food, the greasier the better, and you need it now. So what are you waiting for? Get your beaten bum to one of these joints ASAP and cure that hangover now.

Truffled Tots
Voodoo Tiki Bar & Lounge

You could eat the duck sliders or scarf down an entire pupu platter of fried goodness at Voodoo Tiki Bar in West Ashley — which would include lobster corndogs, teriyaki spam kabobs, cheeseburger spring rolls, and a couple of satays — but when it comes to a hangover, there's nothing quite like downing a couple of sticks of truffled tots. The cafeteria staple gets fried up into a super crispy little tot and then — for good measure — gets tossed in an earthy spa treatment of white truffle oil and smoked sea salt. They come to the table piping hot and ready for dipping in your choice of garlic aioli or green curry mayo. We like them both. And they don't cost much more than the soggy ones at Sonic ($5.50 for a full order or $2.50 with any taco or slider order), but they are guaranteed to stop the pounding in your skull and send you home for a satisfyingly deep disco nap. —Stephanie Barna

Sweet Potato Benedict
Three Little Birds Cafe

Every drunkard is different. Some rise and whip up a plate of pancakes piled high with fruit toppings and whipped cream, while others need takeout bags stuffed with cheesesteaks that will, one day, kill you. But some people with morning-after headaches crave a specific combination of sweet and savory. Fortunately, there's Three Little Birds Café. This precious little diner-turned-café-turned-Sunday-brunch haven is tucked at the back of the South Windermere Shopping Center in West Ashley. While the wait time for brunch-goers increases each month, it still maintains a diamond-in-the-rough charm and a menu worth the wait. The Sweet Potato Benedict — two fluffy, yet firm, poached eggs doused with light and creamy hollandaise sauce, sitting atop two slices of salty ham on a bed of a cakey, but moist, sweet potato biscuit — is one of Charleston's best-kept secrets. More filling than an egg and cheese, the tasty sauce, greasy ham, and sweet biscuit make this meal (paired with some potatoes) the perfect blend of a high-carb, sweet-and-salty hangover heaven. —Gervase Caycedo

The Goat Cheese Omelet
Moe's Crosstown Tavern

Try getting a table at Moe's after 11 a.m. on a Sunday, and you'd better be ready to down a Bloody Mary before you even get a seat. Once firmly planted, you'll be hard pressed to find quality breakfast grub at a more affordable price. When we're not digging the bourbon-washed Drunken French Toast, the go-to staple is Moe's Omelet — three eggs with cheese and three fillings, plus grits, for $5.95. Fill it with peppers, bacon, ham, or whatever else you fancy, but definitely splurge on the extra buck for a slathering of goat cheese. It's hangover food that'll still leave you up for a walk (or a satisfied sit) in Hampton Park. —Stratton Lawrence

The Redneck
Drop-In Gourmet Bar and Deli

Although it's not officially on the Drop-In's menu, ask for the Redneck and they'll be happy to whip up the most unhealthy thing they could conjure — a chicken philly, smothered in melted Cheez Whiz, then laced with bacon, jalapenos, and, of course, plenty of ranch. Think of it as a gorgeously delicious cement mixer to the face. Eat one after waking up from a binge and you'll be snoring on the beach within the hour. Already on Folly and unable to leave your bed? They deliver. —Stratton Lawrence

The BadJon
Early Bird Diner

When photographer Jonathon Stout first visited the Early Bird, the menu was lacking a chicken sandwich. He'd typically order the chicken and waffles, but when it came time to imagine new brunch specials, Stout's influence helped spawn the BadJon: a fried chicken sandwich, topped with rosemary ham, spicy honey mustard, swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomato (although BadJon himself skips the tomato). It's typically a Sunday brunch special, up against the Chuck Norris, a heavyweight beef patty wrapped in two slabs of Texas toast, along with pepper jack cheese, salsa, chipotle mayo, and a fried egg. Feel better? —Stratton Lawrence

Roasted Garlic and Blue Cheese Fries
Tattooed Moose

How bad is the hangover? Did you wake up and reach for the aspirin? Or did you wake up on your friend's bathroom floor wearing a grass skirt and pirate hat? If you're suffering from the latter sort (or if you're still drunk, who can tell?), then beat it to the Tattooed Moose and get yourself some Roasted Garlic and Blue Cheese Fries. The trifecta of crispy fries, gooey blue cheese, and roasted garlic will jump start your return to the living, but these potent morsels are best suited for the most severe hangovers. Those suffering from that standard "not so fresh" morning after feeling will draw great comfort from the delicious Duck Club. ­—Reese Moore

Folly Original Breakfast Burrito
Lost Dog Cafe

There are no sides needed for this elephant pill of a burrito. Filled with eggs, cheese, onions, peppers, black beans, and sour cream, the Breakfast Burrito has everything a boy with a growing headache needs. And if it doesn't, then add ham, bacon, sausage, or shrimp to it. The ingredients blend inside the tortilla to create a creamy illusion of grease. This fools the body into thinking it's getting the typical bar food necessary for healing. Add some Sriracha sauce to beat the demons into submission, then squelch the fire with a Bloody Mary or mimosa served in a glass Ball jar. Soon, it'll be like the night before never happened. —Ali Akhyari

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