I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

Rated R 105 min. 2009

Tucker Max is a writer who has made a very modest name for himself in the world of blogging, rattling off stories of drunken fratboy debauchery and sexual escapades. Now, three years after his novel I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell hit bookstores, the film adaptation of Max’s book has hit theaters, and it’s nothing more than your usual attempt at an R-rated raunch-fest. The film’s point is unfettered offensiveness and rampant un-PC-ness, something that’s theoretically supposed to be shocking and thought-provoking. In practice, however, it’s none of these things. Occasionally there are people drinking booze, some boobs, or a gross-out gag (including an incredibly vile, disgusting diarrhea gag), none of which is as racy or offensive as the movie thinks, because all these things have been done before in movies which are just as bad. In this version of the film’s “based on a true story” events, Tucker (Matt Czurchy) convinces his best friend Dan (Geoff Stults) to lie to his fiancé and take a two-hour drive to a strip club for his bachelor party. Reluctantly, Dan agrees, and, along with their bitter, woman-hating, recently dumped buddy Drew (Jesse Bradford), they head out, only to have everything go wrong. All of this is supposed to lead to Tucker learning the true meaning of friendship. Crude in every sense of word.

Film Credits

Official Site: www.ihopetheyservebeerinhell.com

Director: Bob Gosse

Writer: Tucker Max

Producer: Karen Firestone, Ted Hamm, Richard Kelly, Tucker Max, Sean McKittrick and Nils Parker

Cast: Jesse Bradford, Traci Lords, Matt Czuchry, Keri Lynn Pratt, Marika Dominczyk, Lyndsey Jolly, Geoff Stults, Meagen Fay, Susie Abromeit and Randal Reeder


I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

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