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Improv Smackdown!

When: Fri., June 24 and Fri., July 8 2016

Theatre 99’s recurring series, Improv Smackdown, claims to be 50 percent gameshow, 50 percent sporting event, and 100 percent good times. Each monthly Improv Smackdown features Theatre 99 performers competing in a gameshow format, where one performer serves as host and chooses games for the “players” to perform. At the end of each game or scene, the audience judges who moves on to the next round. “All of the improv shows here at Theatre 99 are interactive, but the added layer of the audience voting makes Smackdown especially exciting,” says Brandy Sullivan, co-founder of Theatre 99. The victorious player scores the Smackdown championship belt — which may be the coolest prize we can think of. The second act of the show consists of a longform improv set based on an audience interview. If you’ve never been to a Theatre 99 show, Improv Smackdown is a great way to sample the different types of improv the group performs. Just don’t be surprised if they call on you for an interview.

Becca Starkes

Price: $12

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