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Cary Ann Hearst
Dust and Bones

Charleston darling Cary Ann Hearst recently released her premier solo record, the quasi self-titled CAH. Recorded at Rebellion Road Studios, the album is the result of a collaboration with Ash Hopkins on bass and guitars, Jump, Little Children alumnus Evan Bivins on drums, and a motley crew of performers stretching from here to Nashville. "Dust and Bones," the first track, is stripped down to the barest. It has a foot-stomping rhythm layered with throaty vocals and bayou Sunday harmonies, all put together to tell a tale of sweaty Southern sin and redemption. "Happy Woman Blues" is another jangly bare tune. Hearst sings, "I take pleasure in my whisky, be as bad as I want to be," in this rough-and-tumble romp of harmonica and piano. "The Long Road" shows off Hearst's country roots with an authentic honky-tonk sound. A departure from the rest of the tracks on the album, "Pocahontas," co-written with Bill Carson, is a confessional narrative sung to a hauntingly sweet melody. Ms. Hearst has put her heart and soul into this debut album and it shows. —Elle Lien


Hot Charlie
Awesomer to the Max

"Everyone sucks compared to you ... and everyone's a bitch compared to you," sings Hot Charlie guitarist Taylor Charlie on "Everyone Sucks Compared to You" — just one of 11 snot-nosed love songs and fuck-off tunes on the Summerville-based trio's new album, Awesomer to the Max. The band's fourth indie album was recorded over the winter at Climate Controlled Studios with engineer Chris Chamberlain and it's a lo-fi punk/metal gem, warts and all. Buzzsaw guitars, blazing high-hat and double kick work, and rumbling four-note bass lines — that's the Hot Charlie way. Carryin' on about alleged douchebags, lame emo bands, white suburbia, nudie mags, and getting laid for cheap — that's the Hot Charlie way. Brutal, sarcastic, funny stuff. Watch out. —TBL

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