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International Carolina Expo for Reptile and Amphibian Keepers

When: Sat., Sept. 15 2012

If you’re scared of snakes, frogs, toads, lizards, mice, rats, or insects that fly, hop, or scuttle, you should probably steer clear of the Charleston Area Convention Center this weekend. Repticon, the Comic-Con for reptile and amphibian enthusiasts, is crawling into town and setting up camp. And what, you may ask, happens at Repticon? “We do shows all over the country, and we rely on local and regional breeders to attend our conferences. They sell what they breed, and people will be able to find animals that they wouldn’t be able to find at regular pet stores,” says Repticon’s Kathy Brice. The animals available range from pythons to dragons — yes, dragons — and since even snakes gotta eat, there will be rodents and insects available in various states of being (as in frozen, whole, live ... you get the picture). If you’re considering jumping into the world of reptile and amphibian ownership, you should definitely make plans to attend. Since area breeders will be there, you’ll be able to get any and all questions answered and make sure you’re getting a healthy, happy specimen. Plus, the prices are unbeatable. School teachers and employees enter free, as can Boy and Girl Scouts. Even if you’re not a huge lizard fan, we have the feeling that this is one of those events that will be fun to simply observe. “These are just pets of a different kind,” says Brice. “It’s unbelievable the passion these people have for their pets.”

Elizabeth Pandolfi

Price: Free-$10

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