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John T. Edge: There is hope in BBQ

A Nightline segment that'll make your mouth water



John T. Edge, executive director for the Southern Foodways Alliance and the go-to expert for all things Southern food, was tapped for a Nightline Labor Day package on barbecue.

In case you missed it, the Nightline crew was in town a few weeks ago, taping several local chefs for Platelist segments and taking Edge on a trip to Bertha's Kitchen and Scott's BBQ in Hemingway.

The reporter does a fine job getting John T. talking, firing him up to give a passionate discourse on the importance of food to the South.

If he's known for one thing, it's his way with words.

Some key quotes:

• "Our food matters, our food comes with a really distinctive, sometimes troubling, but ultimately triumphant backstory. That’s what makes it matter to me."

• "Food is our common bond."

• "Barbecue restaurants aren’t segregated."

• "There is hope in barbecue."

• "Everyone comes for the food and then experiences the fellowship."

Watch it below. And if you haven't been to Scotts BBQ yet, this video will get you in the car.

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