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Join Adam Gorlitsky and I Got Legs at the first Betty Carlton Beer Mile on Dec. 30

Four laps, four beers


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Adam Gorlitsky, the founder of nonprofit, I Got Legs, has been talking about starting his own race for a while now. Gorlitsky was in a car accident and paralyzed from the waist down on Dec. 30, 2005. In 2015 Gorlitsky was given the opportunity to use a ReWalk Robotic Exoskeleton, which allowed him to stand up and walk again.

Gorlitsky likes to say that the exoskeleton, which he named Betty Carlton, re-enabled his life. I Got Legs was born the day Gorlitsky became the first paralyzed man to walk the Cooper River Bridge Run. The nonprofit's goal is to "bridge the gap between what it means to be disabled vs. able-bodied by creating programs that help others within the disabled community." This Beer Mile is the first event held in support of that mission.

On Sat. Dec. 30 at 11 a.m. head to Cool Blow Park (right across from Revelry Brewing Co.) for the beer mile, which starts promptly at noon. In case you aren't familiar, a beer mile consists of four laps and four beers — and just a few more rules, check them out on

You can sign up for the Betty Carlton Beer Mile online; registration is $30 for beer mile and $35 for beer mile and after party, which takes place at Royal American immediately following the race. If you're more interested in watching people chug beer and sprint than actually doing it, then consider volunteering for the event, which will have you checking in racers, distributing beer, and handing out swag.

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