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Kate Barattini's Animal Shred Art Opening

When: Thu., April 23, 6 p.m. 2015

There’s something freeing about surfing — it’s just you and the waves, and occasionally, a wipeout. Local surfer and artist Kate Barrattini creates paintings that combine the freedom of surfing with the free spirit of animals. This combination will be on display at Animal Shred, featuring 10 of Barratini’s original works. Barratini places animal features on the bodies of surfers, bringing out the graceful movements of both human and animal. “My inspiration came from seeing [pro surfer] Kassia Meador,” says Barattini. “I saw a photo of her surfing in Mexico and I just thought, that girl has to have monarch butterfly wings.” The offbeat theme of melding humans and animals speaks to Barrattini’s sense of humor. “The art is really cheeky,” she says. “I really love dry humor, so [the animals with human aspects] is my way of being dry.” With works featuring everything from a fearsome lion to a whimsical flamingo, Barratini captures many facets of the animal kingdom. Trust us, these paintings are even cooler than those videos of dogs on surfboards.

Viraj Naik

Price: Free

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