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Kenny Zimlinghaus

When: Sat., Aug. 13, 10 p.m. 2011

There are many ways to deal with growing up the “fat kid.” You can internalize it and let it explode in a fit of rage on your son when he walks in the winning run in a little league game. You can use your fat-turned-muscle to become a bully and get in bar fights with guys that look like the JV basketball coach that laughed at you during tryouts. You can grow from the “fat kid” to the “fat guy.” Or you can do what Kenny Zimlinghaus has done, and parley all those bad memories into a hilarious stand-up comedy routine. The native New Yorker and Charleston Comedy Fest regular will be sharing the humbling stories of his big-boned youth and other tales at Theatre 99 this week. From anecdotes about wearing a T-shirt in the pool to dealing with his father’s disappointment, the show makes light of difficult childhood issues. Zimlinghaus has been telling his story at comedy clubs around the country and over the airwaves on his SIRIUSXM “Cosmo Radio” show.

Lucas Hagerty

Price: $15

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