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Late-night comedians get a bigger laugh out of McCain

Two Candidates Walk Into a Bar



Politicians have always provided the richest comedic fodder. There's very little else in the daily news (bombings, bankruptcies, murders) that lends itself to jests. There are public bathroom shakedowns and high-priced hookers that, thankfully, don't come around every four years, but by this point in the presidential cycle, politics is almost all the late-night comedians are talking about.

There are a few surprises in the Center for Media and Public Affairs' Political Humor Study. Between January and July, Jon Stewart told more jokes about Barack Obama, 122, compared to 98 for John McCain. David Letterman told 48 Obama jokes, but ribbed Hillary Clinton 131 times.

Of course, all of this was before America was introduced to mooseburgers, hockey moms, and champion snow mobile drivers. Potentially more anticipated than Sarah Palin's own introduction to the nation was Tina Fey's recent spoof of the vice presidential candidate on Saturday Night Live. The skit was well-received, even garnering a muted endorsement by Palin. Fey told reporters last weekend she'd be happy to give-up the character on Nov. 5.

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