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I read with interest the "Buist's Big Game" (News) article in the Aug. 2 paper. Everyone knows that as long as there are excellent schools, public or private, parents will go to any lengths necessary (lying and cheating) to ensure that their children will receive the best education possible. Is lying an acceptable practice ... definitely not. With all this ongoing frantic deception to achieve a spot at a "good school," everyone loses the big picture ... life as it should be. What is totally unacceptable is that we, as taxpaying citizens, allow our inadequate public school systems to exist as they do. Shame on all of us.

Marsha Ott
North Charleston


Master Patrick Sharbaugh's column "Pointe-ing Up" (Arts, Aug. 9) twas funny as shite. We must only hope that this regression to proper old Queen's English twill continue. It doth add such a flavor of gentrification to the environs of Northe Charles Towne, thinkest thou not? Oh carry on, good sers, do carry on!

Jake Fuchs
West Ashley


Just when did Jeff Allen complete the rewrite of the dictionary to define "carpetbagger" in the "21st century context" (Letters, Aug. 9)? Or was this merely to excuse an unconscionable gaffe?

Gerald Musselman


As a conservative Republican, I rarely agree with what Mr. Moredock writes about Republican elected officials. However, the two pieces he wrote that deal with the escapades of Wallace Scarborough were on the mark. Mr. Scarborough, Mr. Altman, and Ms. Ceips are embarrassments to South Carolina Republicans as well as to all South Carolina citizens. These three individuals exhibit the height of hypocrisy and then expect the voters to look the other way. 

The problem is that voters for these three, as well as other politicians in both parties, do look the other way. They fail to hold these elected officials the high standards that they profess to uphold.  This is a result of the fact that most voters only listen to what they want to hear.

Mr. Moredock's characterization of John Graham Altman III sums up the problem very well. Republicans like Altman, Scarborough, Jake Knott, and several other over-the-top legislators tar the image of the vast majority of Republicans that are interested in just living our lives and securing our economic future and our children's future. 

Our form of government, Representative Republic, is great. We have provisions for a built-in revolution every election day. That means that we get the quality of elected leadership we deserve. Therefore, if we want politicians to not behave badly, we need to hold them accountable on election day.

Rolland Fitch


There is no honor among thieves. The bloodletting of the A-Team printed in [Thursday's Post and Courier] shows that the truth will always come out. Mr. Ravenel's public comments – that neither he nor anyone on the A-team ever discussed the fate of Dr. Goodloe-Johnson's job – was clearly a lie. What other things are not being shared with our voters?

Mrs. Engelman's and the A-team's secret plans to fire Dr. Goodloe-Johnson, predetermining a new board chair, and the selling of 75 Calhoun St., indicates that they are self-serving and have misplaced interests.

It is apparent that Mrs. Engelman and Mr. Ravenel have lost their focus and placed it on the chairmanship of the board as opposed to where it should be, and that is educating all of the 42,000 students of Charleston County Public Schools.

Putting our children first and investing in their eduction should be our top priority as board members.

The "A-team" themselves must be held accountable. Voters are too smart to be misled.

Ruth Jordan
Candidate for school board

West Ashley

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