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Will Moredock ("Confession Time," Views, Aug. 30) really needs help with his geography. The mountains in the movie The Deer Hunter are not the Rockies but the Cascade Range in western Washington. Also, the majestic snowcapped peak in the film is Mt. Baker, a 10,700 ft. inactive volcano about 80 miles to the east of Bellingham, Wash. I saw The Deer Hunter while I attended college in Bellingham and can recall the audience burst out laughing when it showed the actors making the drive from Pennsylvania to western Washington overnight.

Don Allen
Mt Pleasant


Oh, those zany and madcap Wando boys! Those crazy, crazy kids!

How did almost a dozen young guys convince each other to pull a stunt as stupefying and ill-conceived as this one? While I applaud the whole team spirit thing, that sure seems like an awful lotta bad judgment for one measly football team. We all know there's no 'I' in TEAM, and unfortunately for these boys, there's no "I" in larceny or armed robbery, either.

I guess we should cut the lads some slack. How else are they supposed to prepare for the next logical step in their education–college athletics? Maybe dabbling in felonies was actually the mature and responsible thing to do.

After all, we certainly can't expect these kids to go straight into the high-intensity world of team-sponsored illegal activity at the college level without at least getting their feet wet in the world of small-town crime first, can we? Of course not. College athletes these days need practical experience and lots of practice in the art of criminal behavior.

It'll be so much easier for them to blend in with the rest of their college football team with a couple of felonies under their belts! Just think how useful this little dalliance with delinquency will be when our boys want to fit in by foiling a couple of drug tests, trafficking steroids, cheating on their exams, or slipping a girl a mickey.

They'll be part of the team in no time! No learning curve here, folks! Way to stay ahead of the pack, boys! Way to take responsibility for your own education! Way to be proactive! Go Warriors!

Wendy Sang Kelly
Isle of Palms


Your restaurant reviewer, Jeff Allen, is one entertaining writer. I mean, how often do you read restaurant reviews aloud to each other? Last week's ("Mixed Aromas," Cuisine, Aug. 30) has stayed with me – it opens with a description of downtown that justifies my dislike of going there. It could have been written by Dickens. I read it aloud to my wife, and she observed that Mr. Allen had neglected to mention the horsy smells. But wait! The next line he dropped the bomb about the "steaming horse turds," and we both laughed out loud and agreed that indeed Mr. Allen had a deep knowledge of the peninsula.

For someone whose idea of going out is to order Hop Sing's to go, it is great fun to vicariously experience the downtown overpriced tourist traps through the prose -– and the nose – of so good a writer.

Cecil Steed


The shameful, unethical and juvenile behavior of North Charleston's Ombudsman James Bell described in the Post and Courier article, "Official charged in sting" – maliciously scratching up the automobile of a city councilman – is reason for him to immediately be placed on leave, resign, or be fired immediately. The article quotes the crime victim, Councilman Bill King, as frequently voting against Ombudsman Bell's supervisor, Mayor Keith Summey. The article describes Bell's technique as "keying" Mr. King's car.

Keying is a new word to me, but it describes pretty well the way Mayor Summey runs our city. Keying is a despicable example this bum – our ombudsman for Pete's sake – sets for North Charleston's citizens, including its impressionable youngsters. Keying. The shame of it all. The corruption never ceases. And our City Council members – with the exception of Bob King – are spineless lap dogs kept on short leashes by Summey. All creatures great and small, from the Noisette financial fiasco to "keying" of rivals' automobiles, are potential victims of the "Boss Hog Gang." Keying. How low-down can you get?

Juanita Cantey
North Charleston


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