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Why is it that a $400,000 home will not be delivered to by some of the most famous "chicken" and "late-night pizza" restaurants at 9 p.m. in Charleston? Maybe it's because my quiet street just past Crosstown is too quiet? Or maybe it's because I have the friendliest black neighbors in town? Who knows? I don't mean to sound angry, but while our grills still sit on our front porch unchained, they seemed to be strapped down on the good side, just across the border (Crosstown). I hope all of these restaurants know the longer they discriminate against hardworking Americans living in a beautiful part of Charleston the more we will fight against their overcommercialization of a once-historic town. That's right! The limp-legged chicken is almost as bad as a steer getting T-boned. Get it, guys and girls! Your once liberal southern town with wonderful, unique restaurants will soon be overrun with Applebee's and Ruby Tuesday. Fight the racist bigots who hate people. Let them die a slow bankruptcy. Bring back our appreciation of unique tastes and culture. What's so bad about people appreciating where we live? Maybe the parents of the kids working at these restaurants can explain why they are scared of every black person they meet? Sounds like a stereotype, huh?

Name withheld by request


In reference to "Hometown Harmonies" (Music, Dec. 6) by Stratton Lawrence (Flatt City). Bestowed with the honor of "drinkingest band in bluegrass music" is a testimony to the fact that our show was far from just being acoustic wallpaper. Oh yes, our bar tabs would sometimes exceed our pay and we'll never be invited to open at the Music Farm again since we cleaned out the backstage bar before the headliner (The Biscuit Boys) got there. But a little stimulation sure helps, as do shots from the audience. If not for that, we'd be doing a James Taylor cover on 12-string guitar. I wish all the luck and shots to Flatt City.

Pete Rock
The Homeboy Discount Band


While Charleston may be honored for our preparedness, the government's website you refer the reader to at the end of your article, "Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and the Dirty Bomb" (News, Dec. 6) is constantly criticized for its poor quality. I would recommend, which was created by the Federation of American Scientists when they grew frustrated that their advice was going unheeded by the creators of

Justin Lynes


I want to congratulate Mr. Moredock on a great article about fraternities and the Greek system. ("The Greek Way," Views, Dec. 6) That is, I found it a "great" source of ignorance.

Did you know in most cases, including CofC, the all-fraternity GPA is higher than the all-men's GPA? Also, did you know that Greek alumni are not only more likely to give donations to their alma mater, but are more likely to give more money than non-Greeks? If you would have done your research instead of basing your article on anecdotal evidence, you might have known this. 

Addressing his misuse of Google, when I typed in "fraternity" and "charity," I got 835,000 hits, and when I punched in "greek" and "donation," I found 1,080,000 articles. An even more telling number was when I typed in "Moredock" and "idiot," there were 241 hits. Knowing this, it seems Google might have validity as a research tool after all.

When a fraternity does something good, it lands on page nine of the paper. When they do something bad, it lands on page one. No one pays attention to the $4.5 million that one single fraternity donated to the Children's Miracle Network, or the volume of service projects Greeks participate in. Find someone who has received a house from Habitat for Humanity, and ask them how many of the people who built their house were fraternity members. I think you will be surprised.  

I am proud of my fraternity and the countless hours its volunteers spend learning how to teach values-based decision-making to our undergraduates. This is not an easy job; ask anyone who has a teenage son. I'm not suggesting that all fraternity members are choir boys, but what cross-section of society did you expect to find in the Borat movie, anyway?

Michael Ladd
James Island


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