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hate the Smoke Ban

The anti-choice forces on Charleston City Council are about to use the police power of government to force smokers not to the back of the bus, but rather completely off the bus. I would suppose that smokers also need not expect to be served at the lunch counter. The same old tyranny, just a different group being targeted this time around. Concerned about the rise of petty tyranny and the future of freedom in our country? I am.

Walter D. Carr

love the Smoke Ban

Michael Graham once again tosses off serious concerns with half-assed straw man quips. What he does not know about smoking cigarettes would fill a cancer ward.

A public ban on smoking in workplaces aims at years of exposure to secondhand smoke by those who work in secondhand smoke. If Mikey needs proof of immediate effects from any smoke, let him take one good light drag.

Contrary to Mikey's inference, Dr. M. Seigel was very plainly in support of banning all work-place smoking even in his recent appearance on Charleston's radio for idiots. Contrary to Mikey's representations, 20 plus years of living with a smoker increases a non-smoker's cancer odds by at least a third. More than 30 percent is hardly a "small increase" in risk. Mikey acts a fool or liar or both, it's all his self-promotion.

Graham has his libertarianism backwards. If property owners want to preserve rights to offensive behavior and obnoxious environments, let them lobby for clubs that are specifically licensed to drink and eat in smoke.

And finally, whatever could this twerp know about "life in the '60s" when he was graduating at age eight into "life in the '70s"?

Joe Kent
Mt. Pleasant

Keep it to yourself

Thank you, Will Moredock, for your piece on secular humanism and the courageous professor Silverman. I am a pretty cranky agnostic and I see it this way: If you choose to believe in fantasies and an anthropomorphic deity within the confines of your home or church, it is your right and bothers me not. I am actually a little envious that you are able to derive comfort and peace from such fiction. When, however, you bring such nonsense into the public realm, in my face, and into our impressionable children's school science classes, you have crossed the line. And you will hear about it, long and loud.

Scott Stallings

Test the Needy

I manage large construction sites for a South Carolina contractor and for insurance and safety purposes, we drug test all employees. These men and women can not work unless they are drug free. So now they are working and paying taxes that support social programs like welfare and public housing. Now here's the part that bothers me, why don't the people who receive these checks have to be drug tested? A working man or woman has to do it to work, in all fairness shouldn't someone benefitting from their tax money have to pass a drug test in order to get what they feel they are entitled to. Issues like this is enough to make me want to enter politics. If you agree write in and give me a hell yeah, if not tell me why.

Anthony D. Bryan

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