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Obama more than black

Sen. Obama is circumspect and devoted to more than well-placed ideologues whose politics drip fear. Obama does not swagger in cowboy boots. He will not make elective wars. Sen. Obama offers dialogue and reflection. He actually achieved admission into two Ivy universities and graduated twice with honors and the editorship of the finest law review in America. What an improvement as president.

Obama actually pursued a bite of life by volunteering as a young man. Obama has a good idea of who all Americans are as opposed to Mikie Graham's mythological, sainted white middle-class of the 1960s.

Americans of all backgrounds can be interested in Obama because he actually has something to say. Obama has insights and values passing through his mind and heart that are not transparent political pandering and expensive spinning. Obama is rooted (if Mikie won't make me a racist on that analogy) in real American values, a passion for actual American principles and the intelligence to further such things.

We can believe these things about Sen. Obama by listening to what he says for himself. Supposed experts do not script Obama. He will have no co-president who flunked out of Yale before returning to Wyoming for a political base to hack his way in and out of government connections for immeasurable personal profit. What Obama gains in support for any candidacy, he will earn on his merit alone. What a mighty change that will be.

Mikie's suggestion that Sen. Obama's race is anything other than an ultimate handicap in America is a pure and simple delusion that only the likes of small-minded Mikie Graham could believe.

Joe Kent
Mt. Pleasant

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